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Rancho La Quinta C. C. Real Estate Review

As agents at the On-Site office at Rancho La Quinta Country Club with Rancho La Quinta Properties, we have full access to all La Quinta area properties.

The following is a compilation of data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that will hopefully provide you with some useful information regarding Rancho La Quinta C.C. re-sale properties . All information outlined below has been obtained from the MLS and is believed to be accurate, however it may not represent all activity within Rancho La Quinta Country Club (RLCC) as some sales are not reported to the MLS.

Whether you are Buyer or a Seller having the "full picture" of the current real estate market has never been more important. Possessing in-depth knowledge will allow you to make informed decisons that will be to your benefit. Ron and Tammy provide this in-depth knowledge combined with excellent negotiation skills. Please view TESTIMONIALS. 

Please see the two tables shown below.   

Rancho La Quinta C.C. Sales by Year   

    Time Period      Closed Escrows      Avg. Sq. Ft. Cost


             55              $299
         2016              48
         2017              78


         2018               44 YTD 06/01/18


Rancho La Quinta C. C. Real Estate Sales


January 01, 2018 Through June 30, 2018

  Floorplan    Closed Escrows   Avg. Sale     Sq. Ft. Cost
 Casitas              7  $475,428            $225
 Encanto I              5  $760,000            $288
 Encanto II              8  $828,937            $278
 Haciendas              0  $            $
 Palacios              2  $1,125,000            $309
 Montana I              7  $1,141,071            $340
 Montana II              1  $930,000            $262
 Montana III              4  $1,562,000            $351
 Ranchos              3  $556,666            $272
 Terrazas              4  $693,750            $277
 Ventanas              3  $493,333            $215

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You are welcome to visit us at the Rancho La Quinta Country Club On-Site office.  We are glad to assist you with individual or multiple floorplans, property locations, market trends, club information, and values within RLCC. Calling for an appointment would be greatly appreciated.     

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